So¬† it was kind of just an introduction…Betterhelp Canada Review…of who she is and a bit of a response to the information that I put in and they didn’t respond to aches I just didn’t know what to say I thought I don’t want to drag this out too long so I’ve just put in the bullet and I’ve written a message and I’m about to send it and I thought I would just tell you what I’ve written because there’s nothing like there’s no details in there that are sensitive and I just want to show you like how I think it’s just an easy way to kind of try and get the conversation going so I said as I’m sure you’ve seen from the information I’ve already provided I’m a little nervous to speak with a counselor I find it hard to explain myself to my loved ones let alone a stranger and I don’t even know where I’d start really but I know ultimately that I could help me and I’ve got a few things coming up that I think are building a bit of underlying anxiety so it’d be great to chat about ways to manage them I don’t really have any expectations or goals with this but would like to just see where it goes from here thank you for your support so I’m gonna send it which is quite daunting I don’t know how quickly she’s gonna respond but yeah the whole thing just still is making me feel really nervous so I don’t know I ended up having a really good day yesterday I think just a lot of things are building up in my head and this morning I was a bit sensitive but Burnett up having a good


day I feel like I’m refreshing and resetting so yeah I’ll keep you posted ok it’s a few days later I’ve been talking to my therapist I honestly can’t remember what I last said to you that was happening so I’m just gonna quickly go over it the therapist was like immediately trying to talk about scheduling in like a chat a live chat and I’m she knew straight away that I didn’t want to have a phone call I was just saying that I wanted to just see it how it goes and just talk comfortably and like not only pressure or expectations and she was just immediately going on to talk about scheduling a live chat and I was just confused because I thought part of the scheduling counseling could be non scheduled like relaxed messaging which I think to some degree it can be but I guess I just didn’t realize that the start I can’t really be because she needs to understand more about me my story what I deal with and that’s hard for a counselor if it’s very elongated and sporadic so there’s a little bit of miscommunication but I do think it’s more so on my part so I just I was trying to lie resist having a scheduled live chat but kind of seemed like we had to so I just agreed to and I’m just sat waiting for it because I’ve got it in like less than five minutes now I have no idea what I’m gonna say I don’t know what to expect and I’ve not been thinking about it all day cuz I just know that I’ll start feeling anxious I’ll start overthinking it and I’ve just been trying to like relax but I’ve bitten all my nails down there’s like a little pile of nails

here that I need to bend which is gross but when I’m anxious I tend to do that even if I don’t really realize and now these are been to the bare bone and I can feel my head getting sore it’s like underlying anxiety like I feel okay and I feel can’t that just uncertain and stuff currently in the middle of my chat with the counselor and it’s going okay quite multiple times it’s been good and it kind of feels easy the start was which you’re trying to video call me and I’m like I can’t do phone calls or video call so no we’re in the live chat and they can actually see what you type but it’s a function that you can turn off so I’ve turned off just because I wouldn’t want to worry about that it’s quite good cuz she started off like talking about about herself and I asked her why she got into counseling just cuz like I’m curious if she has any history of like something that’s happened to her and it’s just that she started helping people and realized how many people suffer in silence so yeah and then she asked me what my story was and I find that a really hard question because I could tell you like the main things that have happened but there’s just so many details which are why I’m the way I am so it’s been all good but we’ve been having this conversation and I feel like she’s starting to really understand what my I’m going sure and have been through and something she said have been so spot-on and I’ve helped me to realize some things already so yeah it’s coming well so the session is up and it was right I don’t think I really have anything to add from what is that half way but obviously it’s gonna take time to get something out of counseling like your first session needs to be them understanding you and your story and stuff so yeah there’s not a lot to say but it was all right so it’s the 15th of June I don’t know when I last logged so I don’t want to show you the messages but I am currently doing my second better help session I’ve got my crystals I’m accountable if they just make me feel really sad and I’m just sat by the door without open blankets and also a cup of tea of course so I can’t remember what I last shared with you but I’ve actually swapped counselor but right now I’m actually in my second session which is my first but this new counselor and yeah I just have so much to say but I was feeling quite nervous before it not as bad as the first time but still a bit nervous so yes Betterhelp Canada Review